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Author:EVA PE Foaming Products Making Line Rubber Refining Mill Machine

Flame retardant rubber conveyor belt production process and equipment is similar to general fabric and steel wire belt conveyor production processes and equipment.

4. Adopt foreign technology to weld the steel pedestal which is non-deformation, non-fracture. It can avoid the expense caused by wrong operation.

Rubber Refining Mill Machine are special equipments for belt joint in conveyer machine field. Rubber Refining Mill Machine is made by light aluminum alloy materials, and with small bulk, light weight, ordinary three-phase current power supply, temperature uniformity of heating plate, uniform pressure (1.0 ~ 2.0 MPa) of water supply system.Rubber Refining Mill Machine is equipped with light Automatic Electronic Control Box, which is connected with mainframe by integrative plug-in and multi-core cable. It's reliable and convenient to operate. At the same time, it has the merits of fast warming, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, etc. It is ideal belt joint equipment for rubber conveyor belt in the conveyor machine field.

Use of Rubber Refining Mill Machine: For profiling the extrusion,rubber covering of filter cable of rubber compound,rubber covering of press plate and tinsel etc.

Rubber Refining Mill Machine is mainly used to cut the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other plastics materials, especially it is suitable to be installed near the rubber mixer to cut small piece of rubber.

Rubber Refining Mill Machine mainly applies to foaming and moulding for various of foaming rubber and plastic materials,sponge materials,building and decorative materials as athe special equipment.The Rubber Refining Mill Machine is a newly-designed model after research the characters of plate vulcanizier in dosmestic and aboard,it is pillar support pressure foaming machine with compact structure and high pressure,it has two heating method:electricity heating or stream heating,has digital display temperature gauge.Operation and maintenance is easy,also with the function of auto add pressure,timed open mold and alarming etc. Rubber Refining Mill Machine adopts steel structure, plunger by cold hard surface for HR - 70, the product has little pressure, temperature, curing process reliable performance with automatic pressure, open mold speed, etc. Suitable for EVA foaming class slippers, shoes materials rubber-plastic products.

This processing technology, there is no air pollution, no waste water, low operation cost .Magnetic wire out reach 99%.

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